Miles Edmund Cotman
A biography of Miles Edmund Cotman (1810–1858)

Miles Edmund Cotman (known to his contemporaries as Edmund) was given the role of sheet anchor to a family of outstanding artists, little as it may have suited his personality. Much of his output was determined by the needs of his family, not least his father, the brilliant Norwich School painter John Sell Cotman. It is perhaps unfair that as a result, he has sometimes been dismissed as an inferior hack artist. While he did not show the genius of his father, he did in fact produce a variety of interesting and well-executed work. Geoffrey Searle looks at Edmund Cotman’s background, the circumstances of his work, and the work itself that survives for us today. Illustrated with a representative sample of Cotman’s works (including oils, watercolours and etchings), this is an important addition to the literature about the Norwich School. Geoffrey R. Searle is an emeritus professor of British history at the University of East Anglia and a fellow of the British Academy. He is a keen collector of nineteenth-century watercolours, drawings and etchings, and having lived in Norwich for many years, has developed a knowledgeable interest in the Norwich School and particularly in the work of the Cotman family. He is the author of eight books on political history. This is his first foray into the history of art.

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ISBN 978-0-9568758-7-7.
64 pages, 256 x 189 mm.
Includes six colour and six black and white illustrations.
Notes, bibliography and indexes.