Norwich Churches

Norwich Medieval Churches as part of the city landscape

Norwich is blessed with more surviving medieval churches than any other city north of the Alps. Architect David Luckhurst worked in the city for more than 40 years before turning to painting and drawing in his retirement, and many buildings he designed are to be seen there. This high-quality paperback reproduces his 32 paintings of Norwich’s medieval churches (including the lone surviving tower of the bombed St Benedict), with an emphasis on their street setting. Each painting is accompanied by David’s handwritten notes on the surrounding buildings and how the church interacts with them. The book is completed by David’s hand-drawn map showing the location of each church and his pen drawing of their combined towers.


David Luckhurst lives in Norwich, and worked as an architect with Feilden & Mawson for nearly 40 years before his retirement in 2000.


Some sample pages from the book:

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ISBN 978-0-9933069-8-3
Publication April 2017.
40 pages, 246 x 189 mm, in full colour throughout.