Margery Paston

The Marriage of Margery Paston

The Paston letters, a cache of documents kept by a Norfolk family in the fifteenth century, are well known, and one of the most anthologized letters is from the Pastons’ land agent, Richard Calle, to Margery Paston, the woman he intended to marry. Their marriage is often described as a rare example of a medieval love match, and so it was. But why did Richard and Margery face such opposition from her family, to the extent that the Pastons endured public scandal rather accept the couple’s decision to marry? The Marriage of Margery Paston, a beautifully illustrated account of Richard and Margery’s lives, uncovers an extraordinary tale of greed, forgery, snobbery and violence, against the backdrop of the Wars of the Roses.

Susan Curran is the author of 32 previous books, including novels published by Collins and Constable. Her first historical nonfiction book was The English Friend, a biography of the first duke of Suffolk.

Some sample pages from the book:

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ISBN 978-0-9568758-4-6
Publication October 2013.
192 pages, 234 x 156mm, full colour throughout.
Two maps, two genealogical tables. Notes, bibliography and indexes.

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