Resuming Maurice

Resuming Maurice

Resuming Maurice is a collection of personal essays on greater and lesser known writers whose lives and careers have sparked some of the author's own literary and historical interests. Drawing on the experience of a 40-year academic career, he also introduces elements of personal narrative into his appreciations of this diverse set of authors whose backgrounds range from English (Vita Sackville West, Whitwell Elwin, George Barker, John Seymour, Virginia Haggard, J. K. Nettlefold), Welsh (Dylan Thomas) and American (Ned Washington) to Belgian (Maurice Maeterlinck), Danish (Karen Blixen), Mexican (Octavio Paz, Rosario Castellanos) and Kenyan (Ngugi wa Thiong’o).

Corresponding to the growing academic subdiscipline of celebrity studies, a unifying theme of literary celebrity and its discontents runs throughout the volume. Chapter 1, ‘Resuming Maurice’, on Maeterlinck, is the capstone essay and includes a ‘Pre-amble’ on the celebrity theme. The essays on Barker, Elwin, Seymour and Nettlefold have strong East Anglian connections, while the one on Virginia Haggard invokes the Norfolk origin of her famous great-uncle, the Victorian novelist Sir Henry Rider Haggard.

Philip Mosley is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature at Penn State University, USA.

‘Academic and recreational readers alike will acclaim Philip Mosley’s own singular genius, the international sweep of his interests and understanding of people’s vagaries’ – Philip Waller

‘Philip Mosley’s brilliant collection of essays … offers tales of the well-known and the obscure in a most gratifying manner’ – Bertha Rogers



Resuming Maurice: Maeterlinck and literary celebrity; Out of Denmark: Karen Blixen; Review from the rectory: Whitwell Elwin; A cultivating pen: Vita Sackville-West; Modern romantics: Dylan Thomas and George Barker; A mightier pen: Ngugi wa Thiong’o; Roaring through life: John Seymour; Butterfly and tiger: Octavio Paz and Rosario Castellanos; A gentlewoman abroad: Virginia Haggard; Change and the modern churchman: J. K. Nettlefold; Waxing lyrical: Ned Washington; Index

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ISBN 978-1-9997752-6-1
Publication May 2019.
140 pages, 234 x 156 mm, including 10 b/w and 5 colour illustrations.