Redundancy and Repair

Redundancy and Renewal

The Norwich Historic Churches Trust, entrusted with the care of 18 of Norwich’s redundant medieval churches, works not only to maintain them but to increase awareness of architectural, historical and other related aspects of our medieval ecclesiastical heritage. This is the second of two books the Lasse Press is publishing in association with the Trust (and with all profits going to support its work). It concentrates on the problems of maintaining and finding uses for historic churches that are no longer required, drawing on independent research, the Trust's own experience, and the experiences of other bodies that care for redundant churches across Britain. How have perceptions of appropriate use for historic religious buildings changed over time? Are uses such as places of worship for other religions, as pubs and restaurants, and as martial arts centres, considered acceptable – and should they be? What sources of funding are available to bodies caring for the churches, and what methods are they using to try to raise funds independently? And how have experiences of dual use (for Christian worship, combined with wider community uses) worked out in practice? Most contributions are based on papers given to the Trust's first two conferences, in 2014 and 2015, and these are supplemented by four papers on the history and experiences of the NHCT itself. All are extensively illustrated, mostly in colour.

The collection is edited by Nicholas Groves, convenor of the conferences and co-author of William Stephen Gilly, also published by the Lasse Press.



Foreword Nick Williams, NHCT chair

Historic churches: heritage and voluntary action Robert Piggott

The use and abuse of church 'reuse': a historical perspective on the reappropriation of urban closed churches for other purposes Steven Saxby

Working cooperatively with closed churches: the Holland Coastal Group Stella Jackson

'With concern, but not without hope': an overview of NHCT Nicholas Groves

The Norwich Historic Churches Trust, returning churches to the community Rory Quinn

Heavenly Gardens George Ishmael

Confessions of a former tenant Susan Curran

Inspired by the past – engaging the present – securing the future. New uses for religious heritage at the Churches Conservation Trust Peter Aiers, Matthew McKeague and Edward Walkington


Some sample pages from the book:

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ISBN 978-0-9933069-3-8
Publication September 2016.
136 pages, 234 x 156 mm, including 79 colour and 13 b/w illustrations.
Notes, bibliographies and index.

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