Subterranean Norwich

Subterranean Norwich

The grain of the city

This book is about a city’s past, present and future, viewed from ground level downwards.

The subterranean conditions profoundly influence the shape and texture of Norwich today, thanks to its geology and topography that have been remoulded by more than a thousand years of human activity. This understanding enriches our appreciation of a fine city, and can help us plan for a sustainable future. Matthew Williams develops a rational four-dimensional model which ranges beyond geology and archaeology to urban planning and even psychogeography, but tries to avoid jargon and keeps our feet firmly on the ground. Among other aspects of city living, the model is used to consider whether Norwich really is riddled with tunnels, and to support the book’s provocative claim that geology drives everything.

Subterranean Norwich: The grain of the city is profusely illustrated with diagrams and photographs that will appeal to anyone familiar with Norwich as a place, and to any person wanting to read the fascinating story of a historic city formed out of the ground.

'This marvellous book' - John Litster, Norwich Society.

'delves deeper than any other [book] ... far more than a local history offering .... Lasse Press ... have done a fine job' - Derek James, Norwich Evening News. Read the full review here.

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ISBN 978-0-9933069-4-5
Publication June 2017.
176 pages, 234 x 156 mm, including maps and many illustrations, mostly in colour.
Notes, bibliography and index.