Susan Curran

Susan Curran had her first book published in 1979, and has since written or co-written more than 30 published books, including novels for Collins and Constable, and a wide range of non-fiction.

In the 1990s she set up a small fiction publisher, Rampant Horse, with a group of writer friends. Since 1997 she has run Curran Publishing Services Ltd,, which specializes in preparing mostly non-fiction books for press under subcontract from major publishers. In this capacity she has copy edited, typeset and indexed hundreds of books. For eight years until 2009, CPS had its offices in a redundant medieval church in Norwich, St Mary Coslany. Susan has been a trustee of the Norwich Historic Churches Trust, which oversees many of Norwich’s redundant churches, since the early 1990s.

Susan's first biography, The English Friend, became the first book published by the Lasse Press in 2011. She first researched the life of the duke of Suffolk for her novel The Heron’s Catch, published by Collins in 1989, and spent four years researching and writing The English Friend. During the course of this she visited many of the places Suffolk knew in both England and France.

Her second medieval true-life story, The Marriage of Margery Paston, also grew out of her researches in the 1980s. While The English Friend was set in England and north-central France, The Marriage of Margery Paston is very much an East Anglian story, and features many photographs of scenery, buildings and particularly medieval stained glass that she has taken over the years.

2016 sees her third biography - and perhaps not the last, she says. The Wife of Cobham is set a little earlier - Lady Cobham died in 1434, while Margery Paston was not married until 1469 - but again, has looked to find an interesting story about a little-known individual. 'I wanted to write about another woman,' Susan says,'although in fact much more is known about her five husbands, so it was really a case of approaching Joan by learning about the people she had around her.'

A professional indexer, and production editor of the journal The Indexer, Susan has indexed most of the Lasse Press books herself, as well as typesetting them and designing the covers. 'Photography is my weak point, though', she concedes. 'I use my own photographs when I don't have better ones available, but it's always a pleasure when I can turn to someone like Mike Dixon instead!'

Susan and her husband Paul live in central Norwich and in the village of Lasse in the Loire valley, France.